Construction Update


Now that the sidewalk & road resurfacing projects are complete, and with the village ordinance in place regarding no parking on the south side of 41st Street, we will make the following adjustments to arrival & dismissal, effective after Thanksgiving on 11/27:

- ONLY PreK classes will use Door 1 on Scoville for arrival & dismissal

- KINDERGARTEN and 1st GRADE will go back to using Door 2 (north side, nearest 41st) for arrival & dismissal

- KINDERGARTEN and 1st GRADE car line will drop off on East Ave just south of 41st (see map)

- 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th GRADES will return to using Door 8 for both walkers and car riders at arrival & dismissal. The car stopping point will return to the sidewalk right outside the door--not the space on the south blacktop.

These changes should ease traffic and improve safety on Scoville Ave during arrival & dismissal since the whole school will no longer be using the same side of the building to arrive & depart.

As always, thank you for your grace and heightened awareness during the transition to the new pattern. Continue to be safe & follow staff & police instructions.

Thank you!
Mr. Baisden