Mileage Club

Coach Mangano and Coach Kosinski are actively leading a before school Mileage Club. Children have an opportunity to participate in a club which is not only fun and rewarding, but also fights obesity, builds students’ self-esteem, and will improve school performance. Students receive “toe tokens” in addition to various different prizes based on how many miles have been achieved. Children meet at 8:00 am just outside the South entrance doors every day of the school week. Students run or walk from this time until school begins. The opening date of the club was September 5th and will close on November 10th; resuming again in the spring once the weather is desirable. Many parents have been participating as well; supporting their children in their personal goals for how many miles they would like to achieve each day.


Coach Mangano and Coach Kosinski are thrilled at the great turnout of students that are actively participating; sixty as of September 8th with additional students joining every day. As of September 8th, the students in the lead for each grade level are as follows; Javier and Alyssa in second grade, Austin and Gianna in third grade, Xavier and Lily in fourth grade, and Ricky and Alexa in fifth grade. Coach Mangano and Coach Kosinski congratulate these exceptional students in addition to the countless others who are exceeding their goals each day.